Our Beer

We serve a constantly rotating tap list of both classic & experimental styles of beer.

All made here…with love. Enjoy.


An Oatmeal Pale Ale seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla you say? Yes please.

ABV 5.3

IBU 18

Citiva Wheat

This crisp American wheat beer is dry-hopped with Citiva for refreshing green mango and lime flavors. It’s a real thirst quencher!

ABV 4.0

IBU 23


This Oktoberfest Marzen is everything you want for fall; deep malt character and slightly sweet without sitting heavy. It is a once a year treat!

ABV 5.4

IBU 15

Hannibal Lager

Our Civilian Select Lager gets a spooky season makeover. Crisp and dry with light hop bitterness; beer without pretense.

ABV 4.8

IBU 20


Dark and roasty while still smooth. Ours is a Stout for all seasons.

ABV 4.6

IBU 30

Spicy Boi

Though technically a seltzer, this definitely ain’t no Claw. Made with mango & arbol chilis, it’s a sweet & spicy treat.

ABV 6.8



Our classic American Amber Ale is smooth, creamy, and malt forward; just the way it should be.

ABV 5.3

IBU 16

Pairs well with…FOOD