Our Beer

We serve a constantly rotating tap list of both classic & experimental styles of beer.

All made here…with love. Enjoy.


Pleasantly light and easy drinking with a faint hop bitterness. Perfect for a hot summer day.

ABV 5.8

IBU 18

Rye Pale

A little spicy and a little tangy, this Pale Ale is dry-hopped with Cascade for a complex and refreshing taste

ABV 5.4

IBU 25

Hazy Harvest

This Hazy IPA gives us great body. Juicy, creamy, oh so tasty!

ABV 6.2

IBU 19


A Belgian Amber with hints of cinnamon & candy sugar. A uniquely enjoyable beer

ABV 5.1

IBU 12

Galaxy Smash

Brewed with all Pilsner Malt and Galaxy Hops. Light, crisp, sessionable, and packed with citrus flavors

ABV 4.9

IBU 20

English Brown

This smooth, malty Brown Ale will really tickle your tastebuds

ABV 5.9

IBU 20

DANG Stout

Bolder and Roastier than our traditional Stout, it’s a beer that’ll have you calling out its name

ABV 5.8

IBU 29

Pairs well with…FOOD

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