Our Beer

We serve a constantly rotating tap list of both classic & experimental styles of beer.

All made here…with love. Enjoy.

Belgian Trippel

Floral & light-bodied with a bit of a punch

ABV 10.1

IBU 22

Uncle Hazy Bird

Hazy IPA chock full of Citra Hops. Citrusy and refreshing

ABV 7.0

IBU 18

Smokey Arbol

Made with Arbol chili peppers & smoked wheat malt for a truly unique beer

ABV 4.2

IBU 15


Dry, roasty stout with notes of coffee & dark chocolate

ABV 5.9

IBU 35

Simcoe Summer

A light Summer Ale with Simcoe dry hops

ABV 5.0

IBU 33

Imperial IPA

Extra hoppy with a big body. A beast of a beer in every way

ABV 8.2

IBU 70

Peach Wheat

Light, crisp, & just a little tart. The perfect summer beer

ABV 4.2

IBU 11

Pairs well with…FOOD

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