Our Beer

We serve a constantly rotating tap list of both classic & experimental styles of beer.

All made here…with love. Enjoy.

Wheat Lager

Wheat makes up half the malt bill on this crisp, easy-drinking lager. A perfect sunny day beer

ABV 4.3

IBU 20

Blackberry Wheat

A Wheat Beer with a slightly tart, dry Blackberry Flavor

ABV 5.9

IBU 16

Belgian IPA

Belgian Yeast commingling with Calypso & Mosaic hops. Tropical with a dry, hoppy finish

ABV 6.5

IBU 40

Black IPA

Dark and Roasty with a powerfully piney hop finish. Who says you can’t have it all?

ABV 6.4

IBU 62


This traditional German Wheat Beer is light, creamy, and perfect for these hot summer days

ABV 5.1

IBU 10


Tall, dark, & handsome; roasty & dry. A Stout for all seasons

ABV 6.2

IBU 35

Roasted Brown

An American Brown packed with Roasted Malt. Rich & Smooth

ABV 5.9

IBU 25

Pairs well with…FOOD

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