Our Beer

We serve a constantly rotating tap list of both classic & experimental styles of beer.

All made here…with love. Enjoy.


This Horchata based Oatmeal Pale is lightly spiced with Ceylon Cinnamon & Vanilla. Unique, light-bodied, and quite quaffable

ABV 5.3

IBU 16

Roasted Brown

This American Brown Ale is packed with Roasted Barley. A beer for the stout drinker who wants something on the lighter side

ABV 5.6

IBU 25

Belgian Dubbel

Malty & Smooth with hints of caramel and candy sugar. It’ll warm you by the fire.

ABV 7.7

IBU 16

Cascade DDH IPA

This IPA is generously dry-hopped with Cascade. It is crisp and light-bodied but packed with flavor.

ABV 7.2

IBU 10

IceBreaker Imperial IPA

Big-Bodied with a Bold, Piney Hoppiness; this is a beer that will start conversations

ABV 10.4

IBU 56


Creamy, slightly bready, and oh-so-smooth. This one’s an easy drinker

ABV 5.6

IBU 17

Triple Dry IPA

Dry-Hopped with Centennial, Citra, & Amarillo this IPA is refreshing with a piney, dry finish

ABV 6.2

IBU 38

Pairs well with…FOOD

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